Opportunity dances with those who are ready on the dance floor.


Dear Danielle: Thank you for the transforming session. It was truly unique; unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Even 2 months later, I still feel the lightness and unburdening that resulted from the treatment.

The combination of the oils, constant and gentle ringing of the Tibetan bowls and the safe conversation that you facilitated made it possible for me to have a deeper healing around an issue that has been lingering with me for years. I’ve worked on the issue that presented itself in our session in traditional counseling and made progress. However, the session I had with you took the healing beyond knowing. I was able to feel the shift at a much deeper level: a permanent and transformative change took place. I thank you for providing the space that allowed me to experience this profound healing.


Hi Danielle,

Thought I would let you know I am doing well after last Thursday's appointment. I slept well Thursday night. Felt calm and on an even keel Friday. Unable to be swayed emotionally - not having any highs or lows. Not quite sure how to describe the feeling. Centered? Good concentration at work.

Early Saturday morning there was an onslaught of dreams. I think I would realize I was dreaming, wake up, fall asleep again and then continue where I left off or have a similar dream with the same theme. The cycle would repeat over and over again. I also had another unusual dream which I remember vividly. So Saturday I was trying to figure out what that was all about. Slept well Saturday night.

In a way I feel solid but not in a manner of weight or heaviness. At the same time I feel unburdened or lighter.

Thanks again for your hardwork and efforts.


Phil and I both agreed that yesterday's bowl session was one of the best ever! The complexity of sound was amazing. I was tuned into the energy I was feeling in my body and that was amazing. Plus, I came with an intention to release some of the heaviness in my emotional body and it went far beyond my expectation. I slept deeper than usual last night and am experiencing lightness of being. Many thanks for being amazing you!


Thanks for tonight, you and the instruments really are something wonderful.
I was just journaling about the experience and realize that while I immediately said that my mind was active (or whatever I said...) I am now recalling that the activity was unique, it was a lot of images, I can't remember anything specific only that there were ALOT of unusual and maybe I would describe them as unintended images, which is not my usual mind activity.
The whole experience also allows me to "just be" there, recognizing that the sound will do what it will do, I don't have to DO anything, I can just let it wash over me and that is very cool. So thanks for loving Sound and bringing it into form and physicalness and sharing it with all of us!

joy to you

Well, I feel like a new person, and my husband would like a session with you. You have a magic touch & presence. You are making a huge difference in my life already, plus I am seriously rethinking the whole smoking thing.

Thanks again,

Hi, Danielle!

We sold our house... a few days ago! We are happy & feel peaceful with the whole thing... considering the market these days.
I have to say that this whole process has been enlightening for me in respect to witnessing my beliefs thru it all, the "ritual" process of cleansing energies... the house & mine, the waiting in faith aspect. It's been a roller coaster at best. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity we had with you in this whole learning process. We have learned a LOT about ourselves & have grown through the self-doubts. Thank you for being part of our journey, Danielle!

With love,
G & J