The name, "Replevyn" is from Middle English, originally derived from the Norman French word, "replevine," which means to recover something you didn't know you had lost.

Space Clearing

Have you ever walked into a place and felt that it was closing in on you? Or have you ever been somewhere that was full of clutter or was dark and dingy and you couldn't wait to leave?

These are examples of spaces that need clearing. Sometimes physical cleaning and de-cluttering is required as well as energetic clearing and de-cluttering. There is a method for doing this called "Space Clearing" and it utilizes sound, light, essential oils (aromatherapy), and our intention(s) via a ceremony.

The power of the space clearing ceremony arises from your clear and strong desire to enact change in your life. Our intentions create a field of energy that acts as a magnetic force for drawing our desires to us. What we focus on is what we will create. Space clearing is an exercise in getting clear about our intentions, while also neutralizing prior negative energies that may still be in that space. These prior negative energies may be “left behind�?by other people, illnesses, catastrophic events, trauma, stress, etc. Space clearing allows us the opportunity for bringing in our heart’s desire. 

Space Clearing Benefits

The Preparation 

The Space Clearing Process 

Every Space Clearing is unique and therefore the time involved and the cost vary. Please call Danielle at 815-806-1459 or email with your questions, to discuss, or to make an appointment. May the blessings be!