The name,?"Replevyn"?is from Middle English, originally derived from?the Norman French word,?"replevine,"?which means?to recover something you didn't know you had lost.

Feng Shui

Danielle L. Dvorak, Reiki Master (Usui School), Feng Shui Practitioner, and Intuitive Energy Worker, offers Feng Shui evaluations and recommendations for peoples?homes, offices, and properties. She is a unique and talented practitioner who works with private clients within a four-state area and guest facilitates workshops throughout Chicagoland.

Danielle believes that we “digest?what we feel, see, touch, hear, and smell, much as we digest the food we eat. We all understand the power of mental imagery and positive visualization ?therefore, it makes perfect sense to create our living spaces with the intention of literally feeding us through what we experience within them.

The Chinese art of placement, known as Feng Shui, is ancient wisdom which guides us to the most beneficial way of arranging and placing things. These "things" can include furnishings, buildings, trees, roads, even entire cities ?and the goal is to achieve maximum harmony with nature and Chi.

"Chi" is the Eastern term for the vital force that breathes life into all living creatures ?animal, vegetable, mineral, and the earth itself. Chi animates all things, is our life essence, a motivating force, and has also been called divine spirit or God. Without Chi, flowers would not bloom, rivers would not flow, humans would not live. You can think of it in scientific or spiritual terms, or not think about it at all ?since Chi doesn't need your attention to function.

Good chi must flow smoothly and near a person to improve personal Chi. It must be balanced ?if the current is too strong or too weak, it can have negative effects. People are sensitive to the chi of their environment, which can result in sleeping disorders, digestive problems, emotional issues, and more. Feng Shui practitioners try to direct a smooth, good current of chi into an environment or person and divert or convert any harmful chi away.

Danielle helps people of all ages identify and process their issues by utilizing the principles of Feng Shui. She works with clients to create healthful, nurturing environments that will feed the spirit and senses in positive and health-building ways. Danielle practices a form of Feng Shui based on the Black Hat Sect, but tempered by her own intuition and experience. To book a Feng Shui consultation for your home, office, property, etc. ?or for references, please call 815.806.1459 or email.

FENG SHUI Tips for A Healthy Bedroom

1. Keep all work out of the bedroom.

2. Remove TVs, phones, etc.

3. Don’t watch TV before going to bed.

4. Think about what you read before going to bed. (What you are “ingesting?

5. Be mindful of large, tall, towering and/or dark furniture.

6. Keep the bedroom free of clutter!

7. Don’t store things under the bed.

8. When possible, the bedroom should NOT be over the garage.

9. Mirrors should not face bed and be placed so that you DO NOT see yourself when in bed.

10. Use proper bed positioning: a. bed faces the door; b. place bed so you have the widest view of entire room when in bed; c. never place the bed in direct alignment with or in a position that has it overlapping the door; d. bed should not share a wall with a bathroom or the kitchen, if at all possible.